About Me

In my everyday life as I’m speaking with others, I constantly hear, “You should really write about that!” So, I started putting my words on paper and now I’m sharing them with the world.

Being one with A.D.D., I often find myself with 15 tabs open at once because of the tangents I get redirected to via links I find interesting.  That’s how my life is…  Fifteen thoughts at once.  I carry my notebooks at all times and I write everything down.  I research everything I do, buy, think about, and have those notes as well.  I’m sure you’ll find this blog site as random as I find my brain thoughts during every waking hour.  But at the end of the day, the story is complete.  And here I share the completed thoughts with you.

I hope you enjoy my random thoughts and maybe learn something along the way.  I’ve worked in so many different fields in my lifetime, I’ve raised three children and now I’m raising a granddaughter, and I have good days and bad just like others with fibromyalgia.  I’m a free spirit, a lover of all, seeker of the sunny days, and hoping for a cure.


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